Seed Saving Workshop dates- A must for any gardener


It’s finally time! We have decided the dates for two seed saving workshops, and they are right around the corner!
Workshop #1 will be Wednesday August 20th at 6:30 pm

Workshop number #2 will be September 20th at 11 am. Both workshops will be held in bloomingdale just outside Kitchener at one of our lovely community garden locations.The workshops will be hosted by Janice Litchi, seed saver extraordinaire!
(we will send you a full address with your rsvp email)

Seed Saving is a way to ensure that our food supply is not reliant on a small selection of crops, does not become vulnerable to disease, cross contamination and large corporations.
Seed saving is essential to our library, to the community and to the continuation of seed freedom. After all, growing your own food is like growing your own money.

Please RSVP for one (or both!) dates by emailing

May and June, a workshop and a festival!

Organic Growing and Vertical Gardening Workshop!

The Tricity library is hosting a organic growing and vertical gardening demonstration May 31st at 10am 

Come out to learn a few new tricks, share your experiences and get to know other gardeners in our community.

This is also a great time to borrow seeds from the library  as we will have everything on site.

Please RSVP to

See you there!

Waterloo Uptown Farmers market ‘Planting Season Festivities’ Day June 12th



Come out to the uptown waterloo farmers market for the planting season festival! The uptown square will be filled with vendors, speakers and educators on all things related to planting. We will be there with the library as well as providing the opportunity to create a ‘seed bomb’ to take home with you.
The festival will be held on June 12th from 3 to 7 we hope to see you there!

Please stay tuned for more events coming up- and share with friends! Email us at for any questions

What is a seed library?


We are tricity seed library. We are a small and making organic and heirloom seeds accessible to all. At the library we offer seeds to borrow.

How do you ‘borrow’ a seed?  We ask that when you harvest your garden at the end of the season, you simply leave a few plants to go to seed, and bring those seeds back to the library. It really is that easy!

Don’t know how to save seeds? Don’t worry! all our seeds are labeled as ‘easy, medium or difficult’ for saving. We also offer seed saving and organic gardening workshops. We are a traveling library- So please check back often for where we will be next.


*Stay tuned for a list of festivals and markets where we will be. Have an event you would like us to come out to? Contact us at